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Find out the offers we have for Women & Girls across Shropshire.

Women & Girls Cricket in Shropshire is a continually expanding area.

We are regularly in contact with clubs to provide the best offers for their memberships and to grow the game. We currently facilitate Girl’s Soft Ball & Hard Ball Leagues, Women’s Softball Festivals & Leagues and Women’s Hard Ball Leagues – catering for both mid-week and Sunday players.

Women & Girl’s Offer

See more about Women & Girl’s Cricket in Shropshire!

Girl’s Cricket

Girl’s Cricket

Our Girl’s playing offer and how to get involved.

Women’s Soft Ball Cricket

Women’s Cricket

Our Women’s Soft Ball mid-week and Sunday offers and how to get involved in other areas like officiating.

Women’s Hard Ball Cricket

Women’s Cricket

Our Women’s Hard Ball

mid-week and Sunday offers.

Want to find fixtures & results for Women & Girl’s Cricket?

Visit our Play cricket site to find all the fixtures and results from Women & Girls Recreational Cricket around Shropshire!

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