Primary Schools

Find out the work we do in Primary Schools across Shropshire.

As part of our work with Chance to Shine, we deliver in schools all year round in different formats to suit the school and local clubs.

Whole School Programme

This is funded by Chance to Shine where coaches will complete a 36 hour programme across 6 weeks in a school to deliver to as many children as possible. This programme is flexible and we can discuss with the school the best programme for them.

The criteria for selection is the school must have more than 40% free school meals, with a community programme or club connection. This supports the longevity of the delivery and gives those children exit routes to play cricket outside of school.

Engagement Day

This involves a one off day of delivery linked to promoting National Programmes (All Stars & Dynamos) to encourage children to have fun playing cricket, and then transfer this to their local club.

All Stars – 5-8 year olds

Dynamos – 8-11 year olds

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