Girl’s Cricket

Girl’s Cricket is one of our main focuses at Cricket Shropshire, as we aim to grow the number of female participants and have a sustainable offer for girls in the county.

Girl’s Soft Ball Activity

U12 & U14 Soft Ball Festivals

The festivals take place on the first two Sundays of each month – May, June, July & August with the ECB Soft Ball competition running at the beginning of September. These are for those girls fairly new to cricket and would like to play with their peers in a relaxed environment.

The U12 festivals will be 6-a-sided countdown format with the U14 festivals focussing on 6-a–side pairs matches.

A new addition is the U12 & U14 Astro Turf Festivals – the same formats as the festivals throughout the Summer. These Astro-Turf Festivals will give the girls a taste of what they can look to experience throughout the cricket season.

Ultraviolet Cricket

As a different and exciting format, we offer UV Cricket around Hallowe’en to engage the girls in cricket in a more fun, inclusive and friendly environment. We encourage the girls to use UV face paint and dress up to play different games with their friends.

Girl’s Hard Ball Activity

The hard ball league offers we have for girls are U12 Incrediball/Hard Ball, U14 Hard Ball & U16 Hard Ball.

These hard ball leagues will consist of a mixture of pairs and T20 format to allow maximum participation and encourage growth and confidence in those girls who are potentially new to hard ball cricket. while still offering the challenge for more established girls to continue to play peer cricket and experience the enjoyment.