Women’s Hard Ball Cricket

Women’s Hard Ball Cricket has been a constant figure in Shropshire and with the increased uptake in Soft Ball cricket, the Hard Ball offer is now seeing the benefits of growing the base with two hard ball offers now available:

  • Hard Ball Mid-Week League
  • Shropshire 8’s League

The mid-week league is a flexible offer played throughout the Summer. Entered clubs have a flexible approach to the fixtures as playing days and formats can be discussed and agreed on. The first fixture against a club is pairs to encourage the development of the women and girls from the soft ball to become accustom to the differences with hard ball cricket. With the return fixture being the T20 format for the more competitive side of the league.

The Shropshire 8’s league is an 8-a-side Sunday cricket offer for those with an appetite for weekend cricket. This league, again, offers the pairs format for initial fixtures and T16 for the return fixtures.