Chance to Shine Schools Delivery

Find out the work we do with Chance to Shine in Schools across Shropshire.

Schools Delivery

We work with Chance to Shine to deliver cricket in schools to inspire children to be excited about sport as well as learn academic and life skills through cricket. As part of the programme, we support staff to teach cricket, demonstrating it does not have to be a daunting sport to deliver. We then encourage schools to complete in local tournaments, helping the children to take the next steps to progress on their cricketing journey.
We then link with local clubs to promote their junior offer for those children that are ready to take that step into club cricket.

The Chance to Shine Programme goes through the following elements:


Our coaches inspire and enthuse the children about cricket. The Spirit of Cricket assemblies introduce the sport and the values of the game. this focuses on the need for team work, fair play, respect and inclusion in the sport.


Our coaches aim to develop the children’s all-round skills as well as fundamental movement skills and confidence to not only help them in their cricketing journey, but any sport they choose to participate in. This element also supports the staff to become more confident in delivering cricket.


Through the sessions, our coaches support the national curriculum by introducing Maths, English and life skills. By focussing on developing the whole child and achieving personal best.


By getting the teachers involved, it brings a new element to the sessions as the children can see theirs teachers trying new skills and learning alongside them. The Chance to Shine sessions as well as the lesson plans on the teacher portal work hand in hand to give the teachers the confidence to deliver cricket as part of their curriculum P.E.

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Healthy competition is a fantastic goal to work towards with learning how to win and lose with grace as a valuable life skill. We host competitions around Shropshire to give those children the opportunity to experience cricket in a more competitive environment.


This is where clubs come in. Once school delivery is completed, it is important to keep those keen children in cricket by signposting them to local clubs where they can start All Stars & Dynamos to keep them interested in the game. Our coaches signpost children to these clubs and continue to support their journey.

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