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Cricket Shropshire is continuing its Volunteer of the Month awards throughout the 2024 season.

Each month, we will highlight the work of some of these incredible unsung heroes within the network and give them the recognition they so richly deserve.

We will promote the winners of the Volunteers of the Month on the Board’s website and across our social media – look out for the first of this year’s winners soon.

Cricket Shropshire Lead Officer Steve Reese said: “There are some incredible volunteers out there who work hard, day in, day out, to ensure clubs across the county continue to promote the game and ensure people of all ages can play in a safe and friendly environment.

“The weather this year has been particularly challenging this year for the volunteer grounds staff across the county battling to get grounds ready for the 2024 season.

“They have been out there in all weathers doing their best to make sure we can get the game on.

“We want to highlight the significant contributions of these people – without whom the recreational game would struggle to function as effectively as it does. 

 “Of course, there are other worth club volunteers out there.

“They might be involved in safeguarding, becoming a new coach or upskilling to support junior sections, organising social events, fund raising, cleaning the venue, ensuring administration duties are compliant etc, with most wearing more than one hat. 

“It is all vital work that needs to be done and should be recognised. Let us know about these people and each month we will highlight their efforts.”

Send us nominations for your key volunteers via the form below, including details of their background and what they do for your clubs in a short testimonial which can be used for publicity purposes together with a picture of them.

Each month the winners will be chosen by Directors of the Cricket Shropshire Board and will receive a framed certificate.

If anyone has any queries they can contact

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