New website launched

You can now check out Cricket Shropshire’s new website which was launched over the Easter weekend.

It can be viewed via the link and has been developed in recent months to replace the old site.

It still holds many of the features of the old site, but is now more user-friendly, especially for people using mobile and tablet devices.

As with the old site, regular news updates will be published, but there is also now a calendar featuring events, courses and other important dates.

Safeguarding and EDI policies are all included together with an easy link to report any concerns.

There is a comprehensive Get Involved section with focus on clubs, coach education, grounds, juniors, officials, pathway and seniors and women and girls.

In addition to sections on the work Cricket Shropshire does in the Community and Schools, there is also a section highlighting the sponsorship opportunities which exist with the Board.

Lead Officer Steve Reese said: “We recognise that working in clubs can be time consuming for lots of volunteers, so, with our new website we are trying to give those visiting the website a clear journey to the news, features or essential information they require. 

“As well as being a vehicle for news and features it is also an opportunity for ourselves to promote and market who we are and what we do. 

“We hope this could lead to new income opportunities to support the far-reaching work we do. With less than 50% of our funding coming from ECB we need to become more self-sufficient and find new funding avenues.

“Finally, I would like to thank Press & PR Officer Dave Ballinger and Cricket Development & Website Administrator Maisie Rushton for the hours of work and diligence they have put into this project which had a tight deadline.

“We now look forward to a period of enhancing the website with more features, news and information.

“The website has been provided by Robert Peters – and thank him for his guidance during this period of implementation.”

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