Time to register All Stars and Dynamos programmes

Calling all clubs in Shropshire – you can now register your All Stars and Dynamos programmes for 2024.
This means that when parents look to register their youngsters when the booking windows open, they will be able to find you!
The priority window for bookings this year will open on Wednesday March 6 – this is for those who have booked on in previous years of anyone who has expressed an interest in the programmes.
General registrations open to everyone will open a week later on Wednesday, March 13.
The ECB has earmarked Friday, May 10, as the first date for All Stars and Dynamos programmes to start in 2024.
An ECB spokesman said: “We want parents to have the widest range of booking options available to them, increasing the chance of capturing their registration when they first search for a local All Stars or Dynamos course.
“Therefore if you’ve not already, please do your best to upload courses for both May, and the summer holiday period as soon as possible. 
“Please also ensure that your courses are set up to be visible on the search results when parents and guardians are finding the best location for their children.”
The ECB guide to setting up a programme can be found HERE. 
The link to sign in for your ECB Stripe account to register programmes can be found HERE.

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