Flooding advice for cricket clubs

Rain and the weather in general is already causing headaches for volunteers who look after cricket grounds around Shropshire.
Grounds are saturated with rain, and in some cases, have been flooded.
The Grounds Management Association had issued some help and guidance.
Regional Pitch Advisor Andy Welsby said: “With a series of storms sweeping the county, some grounds are flooded, and some are heavily waterlogged, so I wanted to share the GMA’s guidance on dealing with wet and waterlogged pitches, as well as our cricket winter maintenance advice.
“Primarily aimed at winter sports surfaces rather than cricket specifically, it is still relevant to our clubs’ outfields and contains useful information on identifying the causes of waterlogging – SEE HERE.
The ECB advice on flooding covers both prevention and considerations for clean-up, with multisport advice from Sport England.

The main page is HERE.
“Cricket specific winter maintenance guidance can be found HERE
“This covers advice on mowing, fertilisers, preparing the outfield for the season and most significantly aeration on the square, although that should have been done by the end of January.”
If any clubs have specific questions for the Board’s County Pitch Advisors, they can email admin@shropshirecricketboard.co.uk in the first instance.

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