Umpires Course organised

An Umpiring course organised by the Association of Cricket Officials is being run in Birmingham next month.

It is taking place at Kings Heath Cricket and Sports Club in the city and is open to prospective umpires from across the West Midlands including Shropshire.

It takes place on Tuesday 23 & 30 July from 5.30-8.30pm – and you need to attend both sessions to complete the course.

This course is designed to give new umpires the key skills, knowledge and confidence to stand as an umpire in cricket. 

No prior experience of umpiring in cricket is required before attending the course.

Whether you plan to support Junior Softball cricket through to adult cricket, this course will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the role of the umpire
  • Gain a basic understanding of umpiring the game
  • Answering appeals and the common methods of dismissal
  • How to communicate effectively with all stakeholders in the game
  •  Judging whether or not it is safe to play

The course is split into classroom and practical learning, so organisers recommend learners to come dressed appropriately.

Learners will be asked to complete some e-learning prior to attending the course, which will take no more than 90 minutes in total. 

Pre-learning can be completed via multiple visits or in one go.


  • Learners must be 14 years of age at the time of the course if under 18 parental permIssion must be obtained before you proceed.
  • Cost £70

After the course, learners will have the confidence and competence to go and umpire at appropriate levels within recreational cricket and will be signposted to the Shropshire Association of Cricket Officials.

Kings Heath Cricket & Sports Club can be found at 247 Alcester Road, Birmingham, WAR B14 6DT

Bookings can be made via the link HERE.