ECB Support Coach Course

ECB Support Coach is a new coach development programme consisting of e-learning and face-to-face modules that will help you take your first steps into coaching cricket.

Programme outcomes
This programme has been designed to give learners the knowledge, skills and confidence to support qualified coaches.
An ECB Support Coach is not qualified to lead coaching sessions independently and therefore must be supervised by a qualified cricket coach.

Who is it for?
Anyone aged 16 and over wishing to support qualified coaches, inspire players and make a difference to the game.


  • £40.00
  • One face-to-face module lasting three hours
  • Two bitesize e-learning modules lasting 10-15 minutes each
  • Multiple choice question assessment.

Pre-requisites for certification

  • 16 years old
  • Valid safeguarding training e.g. Safeguarding for Coaches & Activators
  • Valid ECB DBS.

Further learning opportunities
When qualified:

  • Full membership of the ECB Coaches Association
  • ECB Foundation I Coach or ECB Core Coach.